Nutrition & Meals

What we can do for you.

Happy. Healthy. Independent. We are here to help our community thrive. Our Senior Centers in Edna provide a hot and nutritious lunch to individuals who are 60 years and older, as well as people who are living with a disability.

Our food is prepared in a certified kitchen in our Palacios location, offering meals created by a certified nutritionist who ensures the 1/3 recommended daily allowances required by Texas Health and Human services.

Our programs are focused on offering socialization and entertaining activities, as well as educational programs that include how to stay healthy and safe.

Through our R-Transit program, no one has to stay at home. We can bring you to the center for fun and fellowship or take you where you need to go for errands, appointments, or to your favorite spot within our community. We offer transportation to the general public as well.

Prefer to stay home?

Our program can benefit even individuals who prefer to stay at home. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. Call today to find out how Matagorda and Jackson county residents can have a hot meal delivered directly to their homes as well, as well as small activities to brighten their day.

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