Help Desk

Bridging the Digital Divide and More!

* Need help with your phone, tablet or laptop?
* Want someone to help you navigate a confusing online benefits form?
* Worried about someone's well-being?
* Are you an FOEC vendor with a question?
* Want to set up a Zoom meeting with a relative or care provider?
* Need assistance with government forms and applications?
* Looking for free access to computers and tablets.
* Want to volunteer? Looking to donate something?
* Do you have a compliment or a complaint? Tell us please.
* Curious how to use new AI technology.
* Want to organize an activity or special interest group?
* Just want to talk to someone?

Stop by or call the FOEC Seniors Help Desk. Drop-ins welcome or make an appointment.

By the way, there's free wi-fi at our Senior Centers