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What is Friends of Elder Citizens?

Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc, (FOEC) is a 501(c)(3) private organization formed in 1979 and incorporated in 1981 which is administered by a board of directors elected by open membership.

FOEC provides nutrition, transportation and social services for senior citizens in Matagorda and Jackson Counties. We runs two senior centers and thrift stores in Palacios and Edna, Texas. We also have transit centers in Palacios, Edna and Bay City.

Public board of Director meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 705 Commerce Street, Palacios, Texas. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Palacios Senior Council meetings are at 9am on the last Friday of the month. All members are encouraged to attend.

TODO: similar for Edna?


General Public Transportation Services were added to the programs of Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc in 1995. The service is offered to anyone for medical appointments, school, shopping, or recreation.

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