matagorda county call 979-245-6800

General Public

  PALACIOS  361-972-2715

  • $2.50    Palacios  (In Town)   

BAY CITY  979-245-6800

  • $3    Bay City (In Town)  
  • $5    In Matagorda County
  • $30   County to County( Lake Jackson, Wharton, El Campo,& Angleton


  PALACIOS  361-972-2715

  • $1.25    Palacios  (In Town)   

BAY CITY  979-245-6800

  • $1.50    Bay City (In Town)  
  • $2.50    In Matagorda County
  • $15.00   County to County( Lake Jackson, Wharton, El Campo,& Angleton

Regional Trips Outside of Matagorda County

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Houston, Galveston, Port Lavaca,

Sugarland, & Victoria


$55.00  General Public

$27.50  Elderly,Disabled,& Children 


R-Transit is one of the largest contractors in the State of Texas who provide Public Transportation Service to rural residents. R-Transit provides curb to curb on demand services  

r transit policies

R-Transit's Mission

R Transit's Mission is to provide safe, courteous, and reliable transportation services to the general public while striving to increase awareness and participation. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs receiving federal financial assistance.

All Title VI complaints or concerns can be directed to the Executive Director by mail, P.O. Box 791 Palacios Tx, 77465 

 by email 

or phone (361)972-9921


Monday through Friday 8am-5pm 

for Matagorda R-Transit is your transportation toresidents

*Senior Adults age 60 and older

*Persons with Disabilities

*General Public

A 48 hour notice is required or recommended when scheduling trips.

* Wheel chair accessible vehicles are available to assist in transporting persons with disabilities

Service for Senior Citizens and Riders with Disabilities


It is the policy of Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc. (FOEC) R Transit programs that passengers with disabilities will be served according to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) so they will not be discriminated against and may fully benefit from the services provided by FOEC Transit programs to the extent that persons without disabilities benefit.

Persons with Limited Mobility, Wheelchairs

RTransit will accommodate individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. The wheelchair or other mobility device and occupant must fit on the lift and not exceed the weight standards for our lift and vehicle. RTransit may decline to carry a wheelchair/occupant if the combined weight exceeds that of the lift specifications or if carriage of the wheelchair and occupant is demonstrated to be inconsistent with legitimate safety requirements.

Securement Systems

RTransit will use securement systems to secure wheelchairs in designated securement areas only. We may ask a rider to transfer to a vehicle seat if the wheelchair or other mobility device cannot be secured satisfactorily, however we will not deny a rider on the ground that the device cannot be secured or restrained satisfactorily.

Lift and Securement Use

Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc. Transit Program will transport on its lift-equipment vehicles all three and four-wheeled wheelchairs that do not exceed 30 inches in width and 48 inches in length measured two inches above the ground, and does not weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied All wheelchairs must be secured during transport. Persons whose wheelchairs cannot be properly secured will be denied service. Persons who do not use a wheelchair but who cannot use the steps will be accommodated on the lift utilizing an approved boarding chair. Drivers will assist persons requiring the use of the lift and securing devise as necessary. 

Accommodating Other Mobility Aids and Life Support Equipment

Specially trained service animals, including dogs used by persons with vision or hearing impairments and animals that provide aid to persons with mobility impairments, will be permitted to travel with their masters. Persons who use life support equipment will be permitted with this equipment if it does not violate rules concerning the transportation of hazardous materials. Respirators and portable oxygen supplies shall general be permitted.

Escort Policies and Refusing Services

Persons requiring the assistance of a personal care attendant (PCA) may travel with their PCA at no additional charge if first certified with the transit agency. Service will only be refused for a rider engaging in “violent, seriously disruptive or illegal conduct.”

Boarding Separately from a Wheelchair and Standees

Some riders may be able to board separately from their wheelchairs to avoid having their combined weight exceed the design load of the vehicle lift. Standees are permitted on the lifts. However, RTransit will not assume the controls of power wheelchairs to assist riders with boarding vehicles. Providing assistance with a power wheelchair falls under the category of attendant-type services, therefore a rider may need to bring a personal care attendant (PCA) to assist them.

Other Mobility Devices

Persons with mobility disabilities may use devices other than wheelchairs to assist with their travel. Canes crutches, and walkers, fr example are often used by people with mobility disabilities do not require use of a wheelchair. Walkers with built in seats cannot use the wheelchair securement seating area. These riders must transfer to a vehicle seat.

Lift and Ramp Access

Passengers who use wheelchairs or similar mobility devices will find lift access to buses throughout the service area. The international access symbol is displayed on every accessible vehicle.

Seating Access

The seating in the front of the bus is reserved for the elderly, and/or passengers with disabilities. Each bus also has designated seating areas for persons in wheelchairs.

Calling Out Stops

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), all operators on fixed route services announce stops as follows:

  • Major stops/time points along the route
  • Transfer locations and routes which serve them
  • Major intersections
  • Stops upon request

This service provides any passenger with information and orientation along the route and throughout the service area.

Other General Assistance

Vehicle Operators are trained to meet the needs of passengers with disabilitiesby assisting passengers when getting on and off buses. 

  • Fare Handling: A passenger can request for the vehicle operator to handle the fare for a passenger with a disability who is unable to reach or insert the fare in a fare box.  However, the vehicle operator will not reach into any rider’s pockets, purses, or backpacks.
  • Personal Care Attendant (PCA): While PCAs may travel with a passenger with a disability, RTransit is not responsible for providing a PCA to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities on any trips.
  • Luggage and Packages: To ensure there is room for other passengers each passenger boardig the bus can take as many packages and can be carried on and off the bus in one trip.
  • Hand-Carrying: Vehicle Operators will not lift a passenger out of his or her mobility device in order to transfer to a vehicle seat. Such assistance is a matter for the passenger or the PCA.


Operators are trained to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities by assisting passengers when getting on and off buses.


Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc. is committed to providing safe, courteous, and reliable transportation services.

Need help planning your trip?

Our friendly customer service representatives can help plan your trip. We will recommend the most suitable departure time, quote the fare, and advise you of any service interruptions, which may occur from time to time.

Helpful tips when calling:

  • Have pencil and paper ready
  • Be ready to tell the operator this information

1. Where our driver should pick you up—complete physical address

2. Where you are going –name of business and its complete physical address

3. When you would like to get there

4. If you are disabled and/or require a wheelchair accessible vehicle

5. Also request if you require a return ride home

6. If ride is for yourself only or if we are picking up additional passengers at your location

Be prepared to have an alternate time to conduct your business in case we are unable to meet your requested time.

Our transportation service is a demand-responsive, advance reservation, shared-ride, address-to-address, curb-to-curb service.

Our representatives are available: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday-Friday. However, schedules can be taken between: 7 am to 4 Pm




El ACCESO de SILLA de RUEDAS (translacion en progresso)

Pasajeros que utilizan sillones de ruedas o dispositivos semejantes de movilidad encontraran el acceso de ascensor a autobus a traves del area de servicio. El simbolo internancional del acceso se demuestra en cada vehiculo accesible.


Los asientos en frente del autobus se reservan para las personas mayors, y/o para los pasajeros con incapacidades. Cada autobus ha designado tambien areas de asientos para personas en sillones de ruedas.


De acuerdo con los Americanos con el Acto de Incapacidades de 1990 (ADA), todos operarios en servicios fijos de ruta anuncian las paradas de la siguiente manera:

• Paradas/mayors sobre la ruta.

• Lugares de Transferencia y rutas que los sirven.

• Cruceros mayors el pedido de alto que este servicio proporciona a cualquier pasajero con informacion y orientacion por la ruta y a traves del area de servicio.


Los Operadores de la Instruccion son entrenados para satisfacer las necesidades de pasajeros con incapacidades ayudando a pasajeros al montarse y lejos del los autobuses.

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Complaint/greivance procedure

Any   passenger wishing to file a complaint can do so by writing to:


Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc.

Attention: Executive Director

705 Commerce, PO Box 791, Palacios,   Texas


Or by   calling (361) 972-9921


Any and all complaints received   will be kept confidential and will be handled in a professional manner.    The complainant will be notified verbally or in writing of the investigation   and resolution of the complaint.