Jackson County transportation services call 361-782-5511

Ray Berry, Transit Manager and Tim also drive the buses.

About Us

General Public Transportation Services were added to the programs  of Friends of Elder Citizens, Inc in 1995. The service is offered to anyone for medical appointments, school, shopping,or recreation. Title Vl of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age , physical, or mental disability. All are welcome


Certain rules must apply to ensure all clients have the right to quiet of our facilities & that everyone adheres to all Health and Safety regulations

written transit policy

Do You Have Concerns

All Title VI complaints  by Clients or family members or  questions about Jackson County Transit Services may be directed to Executive Director at  361-972-9921  or Email foec.inc@tisd.net or by mail to:  FOEC,  P.O. Box 791 Palacios,Texas 77465


Local Fares

 In Town: General Public  $2.50

Jackson County:              $5.00

County to County:            $10.00


Region:  Houston             $65.00

              Corpus Christi    $75.00

              San Antonio       $80.00

Elderly, Disabled, Children

In Town :                        $1.25

Jackson  County:           $5.00 

County to County:          $10.00 

 All listed fares are one way

Children under 5 ride free with a paying adult